With firehouse hotBagel

Hot or Cold, trust our handiwork!

At firehouse hot BAGEL, we welcome you all at our shop and enjoy crave-able flavors, a comfortable workspace, customizable options, incredible food, and hot coffee. Our buns are baked fresh every day. Our burgers are crafted with 100% pure meat and fresh ingredients. Why are we successful? Because we do things right.

About us

The Firehouse Bagel Company is a well-run business with delicious breakfast and lunch cuisine. We imagine a world where there’s no such thing as a bad taste or bad stuff. Our coffee is roasted to our specifications and ground fresh before each brew and is considered by our customers better than any other in the county. We also feature seven different flavored coffees. We specialize in creative lunch sandwiches with 22 different varieties of bagels. Also known for our catering and exciting fire decor. Our Chicken Cheesesteak has a rich taste which you can’t forget. Our juicy burgers will give you life’s purest pleasures. We make a perfect Grilled Chicken Blt with a mixture of Grilled chicken, crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, smoky bacon and creamy mayonnaise dressing on a crusty roll. We also ship our bagels all over the country.

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